Groundwork is the fundamental core of J&O’s business and our continued success in this field is key to our future growth and the success of our company. Our time-tested operations enable us to offer complete groundwork solutions for one-off domestic dwellings, multiple-unit large-scale developments as well as commercial projects. Our design team and engineers are able to inform you what solutions are best-suited to your specific project needs and budget.


At J&O Groundworks, we have extensive experience laying foundations, both traditional and piled. We lay different types of foundations - traditional or piled - depending upon individual ground conditions and architects' requirements that are specific to every project.
Standard strip foundations, with concrete filled trenches, offer good strength for a variety of situations. If more strength is required then we can use reinforced concrete foundations that incorporate a steel mesh into the concrete. For soft-soil areas, for example peat, we can use raft foundations that make an allowance for any sub-soil movement.


J&O Groundworks has vast experience in bulk excavation and earth removal. Our dedicated team can clear sites of non-hazardous waste, rubble and unwanted materials. Don’t worry, if however hazardous waste is known or suspected, we will liaise with the relevant local authorities for its safe removal. As with every project, our sites are always left tidy, clean and level, and importantly, ready for the next stage of the project.
We can carry out the preparatory excavation and ducting work for all of the different domestic utilities of gas, electricity, water and telecoms within a site's boundaries. We are also able to lay gas and water pipes. Our team are familiar with the latest industry regulations and will ensure that trenches are dug to the correct depth and then back-filled in the appropriate way to indicate where and what utilities are installed. All sites are of course levelled off and most importantly left clean and tidy.

Concrete and Formwork

At J&O we have accumulated years of experience and expertise in utilising concrete in our formwork. We offer different types of floor slabs, depending on different architects' requirements and specific ground conditions: Block and beam is a suspended floor of pre-cast, pre-stressed concrete beams that is particularly well-suited to suspended flooring in housing, especially in locations that are susceptible to flooding. Our concrete floor slabs are of the highest quality will include a damp-proof membrane with layers of aggregate, concrete and a top-layer of screed. If ground conditions are soft, we can install suspended floor slabs where slabs are supported by the building's walls. Floors can be finished off with either a bull float, hand float or power float which gives the concrete a tough finish to help prevent any future cracking. A power float is a hand-operated machine used to produce a smooth, dense and level surface finish to insitu concrete beds. Power floating eliminates the time and materials needed to apply a finishing screed and is quicker and less labour-intensive alternative to the process of hand trowelling.


From culverts to deep drainage, we are able to carry out complete below-ground drainage installations for both residential and commercial projects. We are able to design & install stormwater attenuation units and package pumping stations for deep basement projects. We are licensed to carry out public drainage connections as well as section 278 works and obtain any relevant licenses to carry these works out. We can lay clay or plastic pipes for both rainwater and foul water systems. We can also install rainwater harvesting systems to recycle rainwater which is sometimes a requirement of local authorities. In these rainwater harvesting systems, rainwater from the roof is channelled into and collected in underground storage tanks and then circulated around the building for practical uses such as washrooms and washing machines.

Site clearance & prepping for site setup

J&O Groundworks have extensive experience with land clearance: whether it is over-site general vegetation, fly-tipped material, reduced level dig, muck shift or general excavation; we can handle any of your requirements with ease. In our experience we’ve found that clients are often hesitant to fulfil the full potential of their site, due to the land being seemingly unsuitable for construction. By utilising our 40 years of knowledge and knowhow we can solve these problems with various methods of soil stabilisation. Our team are able to make ground suitable for permanent works where otherwise the substrate is too wet, too weak or simply too cohesive. Similarly, we are able to remediate contaminated plots such as asbestos-contaminated land, non-hazardous material or former industrial-use land. J&O are able to offer an environmentally responsible solution to the remediation of land as part of decommissioning, future development or accidental contamination. We pride ourselves on preparing and maintaining construction sites to the highest professional standards and that will always ensure the highest levels of health and safety compliance. We believe that construction sites should always look their best and strive to ensure that any site we clear is left in the right conditions to allow a quick transition to the next stages of project.


Whether your garden is in need of a revamp, or you are starting from scratch, J&O Groundworks can level your lawn, and lay new turf and paving to create that important beautiful outside space. With over 40 years of experience in landscaping our knowledge is extensive. We have carried out various levels of hard and soft landscaping on both commercial and domestic properties, from a simple patio to bespoke hard landscaping projects for our clients. We work with a variety of materials including stone, flagstones, concrete, gravel, block sets and permeable paving. A permeable paving material is particularly useful in areas where there are problems of surface rainwater run-off. As always, our expert team will advise you on the suitability of different materials and any preparatory work necessary to ensure a strong and long-lasting finish. We can work to most designs or will always endeavour to help deliver customers’ or architects’ specific designs and layouts.